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the high chaser of laughter, the doors on doors

000./Game Announcement/Application

000./Game Announcement/Application

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.name. Neji Hyuuga
.age/year. 16/junior


Neji is Japanese and it shows—except for his grey eyes, which don't look Japanese at all. Most westerners are a little surprised to see grey eyes in such a classically Asian face.

Most people mistake him for a girl. He keeps his black hair long and tends it almost more obsessively than a woman might tend her hair. Even worse, his face has the delicate beauty stereotypically attributed to Asian women.

And, to complicate matters, Neji is from a martial arts family, so he's often seen in traditional Japanese clothing or a martial arts uniform when he isn't in school.


The first thing anybody notices about Neji is that he's extremely reserved. He isn't silent by any means, but he prefers to be quiet unless he has something important to say. He won't repeat himself unless he thinks the person he's talking to lacks intelligence.

The next thing you notice is how polite he is. Even when he is verbally tearing others apart, he does so in devastatingly polite language.

Neji is extremely controlled—up to a point. He swallows hurt and anger with an unchanging expression, but everything explodes out eventually.


Neji's family moved to Crescent City from Japan. It's a very large, very rich family, and he's its current scion, though it has produced a scion every generation or so.

When Hizashi Hyuuga married Sayuri Kanagata, the Kanagata family business—a kendo school—was assimilated into the Hyuuga. As a result, Neji grew up with two different forms of martial arts: the Hakkeshou Jyuuken karate style, which his father's side of the family teaches, and the Kanagata school of kendo, which his mother's side of the family teaches. He is rarely seen outside of the dojo as a result.

The first and only time he was ever in serious trouble was when he picked a massive fight—nearly hospitalizing two students and his own cousin—in his sophomore year.

He has known Tenten for much of their lives and has been romantically interested in her since he was thirteen.
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